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7 Best Barbell Exercises To Get Muscular Arms Like Mark Wahlberg

Mark Wahlberg is an American actor and producer known for his roles in The Departed, The Fighter, and The Transformers series. Apart from his merits as an actor, Wahlberg has had an envious physique ever since he broke into the industry in the 90s.

Over the years, Wahlberg has sculpted a phenomenal body and hasn’t let his age stop him. At 51, he’s fitter and leaner than ever. His diet is still as rigid as it was 30 years ago, and he looks like he could compete as a pro bodybuilder. Mark isn’t one for fancy regimes and exercises; he’s an old-school guy. That means, even you could try these 5 exercises and build a physique like Mark Wahlberg.

1) Wide-grip Barbell Curls

The wide-grip barbell curl is most bodybuilders’ go-to exercise when trying to build massive biceps. With this exercise, you can lift extremely heavy weights, putting strenuous loads on your biceps, resulting in optimum muscle growth. This exercise targets the short head of your biceps, or in other words, the peak. Training the short head of the bicep can give the illusion of larger and wider arms, just like Mark Wahlberg’s.


2) Reverse Curls

These are optimal for increasing overall arm strength and building big, beefy biceps and forearms, as they make use of the forearms to perform the lifting movements, while the biceps remain engaged and flexed.

This exercise can be crucial when resolving muscle imbalances, as it trains much smaller muscles that lifters tend to avoid, resulting in large biceps and smaller forearms. Another benefit that this exercise offers is that you can go pretty heavy, depending on your strength. As you lift heavier, you tend to overload your muscles even more, resulting in proportionate but massive biceps.


3) Barbell Preacher Curls

Barbell Preacher Curls are a great exercise for isolating your biceps and using them as the sole muscle to lift weights. It offers an added layer of support whilst also requiring you to stay seated, thus eliminating your back and legs from the equation, which can only mean one thing: no cheat curls.

Barbell Preacher Curls demand strict form and slow, controlled movements. If done right, they can help you inch closer to those envious Wahlberg biceps.


4) Spider Curls

Spider Curls are criminally underrated as most people don’t see the benefit in it. However, this exercise not only offers you a killer pump but also great bicep overload. When you’re pushing your chest against a bench, your body is against gravity, which means the exercise automatically becomes harder. Aim to go lighter for this exercise, as you may find it hard, to begin with.

Since the space in which your biceps are operating is extremely compact and limited, it’ll result in shorter reps, which will help you obtain an incredible pump. It will also allow you to focus on both the long head and short head, making it a great choice for your routine.


5) EZ Bar Curls

To get pumped up like Mark Wahlberg, you’ll need to isolate your biceps as much as you can. The EZ barbell is one of the best tools in the gym for that purpose. It offers incredible bicep isolation and targets your peak, resulting in solid, massive arms. The best part about this exercise is that it gives you a solid range of motion, allowing you to fully contract and relax, resulting in better quality reps.


6) Landmine Curls

For this exercise, all you need is a barbell, making it an incredibly convenient and easy-to-perform exercise if you’re looking for a quick pump.

Using a heavy barbell, lock it into the corner of a wall and grab it with an underhand grip. Try and squeeze your muscles as much as you can, and rest your arms on your feet. You can also add weight to the bar if you’d like. This exercise will help with overall back stability whilst doing a great job at isolating your biceps.


7) Barbell Curls

Drag Curls are an exciting and underrated exercise that not many people are aware of. It provides a deep range of motion whilst contracting your biceps just as efficiently, if not better than the other exercises on this list.

In this exercise, both heads of your bicep – the long head and short head – work together to pull the weight, making it a great exercise if you’re looking for overall development. Building mass in each head of the bicep will help you achieve those head-turning arms like Mark Wahlberg.



Mark Wahlberg’s incredible physique is a feat nothing short of remarkable. However, it is the result of 30+ years of hard work, nutrition, and sacrifice. If you’re just starting on your fitness journey, chances are it’ll take you 5+ years before you can enter the realm of physiques like Mark Wahlberg. The hard part is maintaining it, of course, something Wahlberg does round the year.

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