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Barbell Bear Post 11th Edition | Sports

The Barbell Bear Post 11th Edition was released at the end of last week. The 11th edition of the post, which is a newsletter created by Shelbyville Strength Coordinator Royce Carlton, features columns written by sophomore Lilly Johnson and junior Asher Balting.

Lilly Johnson (Basketball, Soccer)

When I signed up for fitness classes my freshman year I didn’t really think much of it. I thought of it as a class to substitute for P.E. However, my decision to join fitness has greatly affected my athletic performance and physical health.

As a multisport athlete, I often get stuck in time-crunches when balancing school and sports. Lifting wouldn’t be something I would be able to fit into my busy schedule. Having a fitness class has given me a chance to lift weights and exercise to better myself during the school day, so after school I can focus on sports and academics and not worry about physical training.

The fitness program at SHS makes a huge impact on all the athletes. I have witnessed the physical ability of my teammates skyrocket since starting their program last year. The workouts we do in class are made to help us improve in a safe and steady way. Coach Carlton makes sure we are performing the lift right and helps us improve our form so that we can get the most out of the lift. He encourages us to push ourselves and improve our performance.

In addition to fitness class improving my strength and athletic ability, it also gives me a chance to socialize with some of my teammates and friends when we exercise together, which is a good form of team bonding.

Since I started taking this class, my strength and athleticism have grown exponentially, and I’m sure they will continue to grow as I continue in fitness during my remaining high school years.

Asher Balting (Baseball)

I started in this program a little over three years ago. Throughout those three years all I’ve seen is great things happen to me. I’ve gone from a severely overweight kid to losing weight and becoming a much better all-around athlete. I’ve also seen tremendous progress in my game on the field and off the field. What Coach Carlton and Coach (Rick) Zimny are doing here is truly incredible. I say this because the culture, athletic and mental changes we’ve all expressed over the past couple years have been crazy.

In after school weights, all I see is kids wanting to get after it to make themselves and their team better. The energy that is also put on in the weight room is electric; you want to do nothing but push yourself as much as you can everyday. I thank the guys and coaches for this energy as much as I can, it’s a truly special thing that’s going on here in Shelbyville.