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Barbell Bear Post 12th Edition | Sports

The Barbell Bear Post 12th Edition was released at the end of last week. The 12th edition of the post, which is a newsletter created by Shelbyville Strength Coordinator Royce Carlton, features columns written by junior Kate Linville and senior Roman Scott.

Kate Linville (Golf, Tennis)

Freshman year of fitness I didn’t really take weightlifting that seriously, and I didn’t try as hard as I could’ve. Sophomore year was the first year I didn’t have a fitness class, and I realized that I actually liked weightlifting and all of the benefits. Outside of school I started running and doing other workouts, which helped me lose extra weight, boosted my confidence and overall I just felt like a happier person. I looked forward everyday to getting to go outside and run because it was such a stress reliever.

This year I’m back in fitness and it’s probably one of my favorite classes. The weight room always has a positive environment, and I don’t have to worry about being stressed out. My physical strength has improved drastically, and I’m able to perform better in sports. Sometimes it’s hard to continue to stay motivated, but I just remember where I started and where I want to get.

Roman Scott (Football, Track & Field)

The strength and conditioning program at Shelbyville High School has helped me become stronger physically and mentally. I have loved this program for all four years of my high school career, because I have gotten to witness myself grow significantly stronger while also witnessing my fellow peers do the same. This program isn’t all about lifting weights and becoming faster; it has taught me important principles to live by each and every day of my life.

For example, it has taught me to not stop working hard when it gets tough. When things get harder, that is a sign that you are getting stronger. Another principle I’ve learned is to always finish strong and focus on what matters most to you. There will be distractions that you may hit on the road, but the key is to have your eyes set on a goal and keep chasing it.

Over my high school career I have played football and I’ve done track and field. Each year I have made big strides towards becoming a better athlete. On the field and in track I’ve noticed that each year I have become more competitive. That is thanks to Coach Carlton’s program and the coaches at Shelbyville High School pushing me to be better everyday.

Recently, I have been working out in the weight room after school. Coach Carlton and Coach Zimny have given me a specific workout plan to help me achieve some of my personal goals and it has helped sky rocket my maxes through the roof.

Never in the past have I ever thought that I would be where I’m at today. I would’ve never had this big of a passion for lifting if it wasn’t for Coach Carlton. I’ve fallen in love with weightlifting so much. It’s been an awesome journey that is yet to be over.