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Barbell Bear Post Eighth Edition | Sports

The Barbell Bear Post Eighth Edition was released at the end of last week. The eighth edition of the post, which is a newsletter created by Shelbyville Strength Coordinator Royce Carlton, features columns written by sophomores Cheyenne Eads and Luke Jackson.

Cheyenne Eads (Basketball, Softball)

Being a student athlete it is sometimes hard to balance your time wisely. Sometimes it feels like you put too much work into one aspect and lose sight of the other. For me, the weight room is a place where I can relax and not stress about my homework or other aspects of my life. It is a place where I can focus on the mental and physical aspects it takes to be a great athlete. Strength and conditioning in the weight room has helped me be a better all-around athlete by increasing my mobility, strength and athleticism. Coming into the weight room before school helps me have a brighter attitude for the rest of the day. I find myself focusing better on days where I have a workout earlier in the day. Also, during the school day, fitness acts as a quick break from technology and school work.

Weightlifting and working out, in general, has helped me better my athletic performance. Since I started working out with more intensity, my pitching form and swing in softball have greatly improved. I began getting more comfortable and confident diving and laying out for balls without fear of injury. This all contributed to me being able to start varsity as a freshman and represent my school and my team. Coach Carlton works hard to create workouts specific to your sport. He answers any questions you may have and supports you in your successes. Also shoutout to Coach Zimney, who always asks how sports are going and is very supportive. Like Coach Carlton, he is always willing to help push you to be a better athlete.

Luke Jackson (Baseball)

I was introduced to lifting during the beginning of my seventh grade year, and from then on I have spent a tremendous amount of time in the weight room utilizing the equipment we are so lucky to have. Coach Carlton is a big reason why my teammates and I get so much out of attending every weight session and taking fitness seriously during the school day. He holds us accountable and gives us the tools we need to succeed.

I got really into weightlifting to better my baseball abilities, through my build up of strength I was able to generate more power behind my swing. With the use of velocity based training, not only did I build strength, I also gained more athleticism and agility, making me quicker on my feet in the field.

Weightlifting has also done loads for my confidence as well as bringing me closer to my teammates. Spending almost every day after school in there working hard and pushing each other has made us a tighter knit group.

Overall, my baseball ability has shot up ever since finding the weight room and having people like Coach Carlton, Coach Zimny and my friends in there to motivate me.