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Barbell Bear Post Sixth Edition | Sports

The Barbell Bear Post Sixth Edition was released at the end of last week. The sixth edition of the post, which is a newsletter created by Shelbyville Strength Coordinator Royce Carlton, features columns written by senior Marlee Rice and sophomore Luke Brinkman.

Marlee Rice (Swimming)

During freshman year I was not seeing what the point was for swimmers to take fitness. After a couple of months and the swim season began, I completely changed my view point. I had noticed how much stronger I was at pulling when the year before it was my main issue. It made me come to the realization that if you want to be good at something you have to train and prepare your body properly. With strength and conditioning, I was able to do that.

Strength and conditioning has helped me grow athletically and mentally. It has helped me to gain muscle and get in a workout routine even outside of school and has helped me be able to create my own workouts for myself. It made me focus on what I need to strengthen to compete at my peak physical form for swimming. It helped me create bonds with people over weightlifting.

Mentally, it teaches me to believe in myself and to push myself past the limits I have put on myself. We also talked about dieting in class and how to get on the right track to help you succeed in college. Overall, it has helped me be a better person and has helped me with responsibilities.

Luke Brinkman (Basketball, Baseball)

At first when Coach Carlton got me into the weight room, I wasn’t really to excited about it and I thought it was useless. I was a scrawny little boy weighing about 110-120 pounds. I knew I needed a change. I put together a mindset and me and Coach Carlton set goals to push towards. Coach Carlton gave me a mindset to go way beyond those goals. There’s nothing more exciting in the weight room than breaking an old PR (personal record), it’s the best feeling ever.

After about a year of constantly grinding and being in the weight room non-stop, I find myself weighing 166 pounds. Seeing the process my body went through to get to this point was very enjoyable. Seeing myself fitting in with the so-called “big boys” now is super exciting. I can’t wait to see how I size up against all these bigger and older guys this upcoming basketball season. And after that baseball season.

I want to give a big shoutout to Coach Zimney for always pushing me to go one more rep or one more set. He’s been a huge influence in the weight room for me. I’m super excited to see what direction this strength and conditioning program is headed. Big things are coming in the future for all Shelbyville sports.