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Carlton creates Barbell Bear Post | Sports

Shelbyville Strength Coordinator Royce Carlton does well in finding unique ways to keep his student athletes involved and engaged in the weight room. His latest idea? The Barbell Bear Post.

Carlton has created a newsletter recapping the latest news or other timely information regarding the strength and conditioning program at SHS. Included in the posts are columns from Shelbyville student athletes.

Shelbyville seniors Madison Phares (girls basketball) and Brayden Basey (soccer, baseball) wrote columns for the August Week 2 Issue (published Thursday). Read the columns below:

Madison Phares

Over my four years at Shelbyville, being in the weight room has changed so much about my game and my ability to perform on the court. Coach Carlton has pushed me to reach new levels not only with lifting but with speed and agility, as well. This program has been a huge factor in my high school season, along with my college recruitment process.

I think the strength and conditioning program here at Shelbyville is really special because the coaches care so much about our athletes and the way we perform, no matter what sport it is. All of us as athletes and coaches are working hard everyday to better our sports programs along with our school in general.

Brayden Basey

Beginning my freshman year, I had no clue how much of an impact the weight room could have on my athletic ability and even my health. I was a scrawny boy who weighed 130 pounds. My first year in the weight room was difficult. I could hardly lift more than the bar. This was the same for my sophomore year until Coach Carlton got me on a nutrition plan to gain weight. As soon as I was starting to gain weight, the muscle and lifting followed with many days of hard work in the weight room.

I went from 130 pounds my freshman year to 180 pounds my junior year. Since then, Carlton and the weight room have helped me become an all-around better athlete and a healthier person. Carlton has made weight lifting one of my hobbies and passions. My maxes have gone from a 115 bench press to a 225 bench press and a 225 squat to a 405 squat. He has trained me to be explosive in my athletic movements.

If you take the time, whether it takes a year or two like me, or more, you won’t regret your progress. The hard work will show in your sport(s) and your body, both physically and mentally.

Coach Spotlight

Carlton, who is also the head baseball coach at Shelbyville, has been selected as the October Coach Spotlight by the National High School Strength and Conditioning Association (NHSSCA). His article will be published in October.

Where to find it?

To read the Barbell Bear Post, follow the strength and conditioning program on Twitter @GoldenBears_SC or you can email Carlton at [email protected]

Kris Mills is the sports editor of The Shelbyville News. Follow Kris on Twitter @KrisMills37.