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Cardiovascular routines aren’t just helpful for our hearts and lungs. They are also beneficial to our minds, give us more energy, help us manage our weight and reduce the symptoms of depression and anxiety.

The key is starting small, with an exercise regimen that makes sense for your level, allotted time and age. You can always build in additional activity for later, once you’ve become more experienced with the cardio routine.

The benefitsCardio is best understood through four essential categories: endurance, balance, strength and flexibility. Beyond feeling better, there are specific health advantages associated with these exercises, including improved blood pressure and diabetes numbers, better lipid profiles, and healthier outcomes for those suffering from osteoporosis or neurocognitive issues.

Mix it upSwitch out the types of movements and which day you do them. Incorporate a blend of strength training, aerobic activities and movement like walking or running. Efficient regimens with lots of variety can have a direct impact on our health, our moods, our energy levels and, down the road, our morbidity timeline.

Make it socialWalking is perhaps the easiest way to make cardiovascular improvements; it’s also one of the best exercise routines to do socially. Those who walk with others have far more accountability, tending to stick with exercise since others depend on their participation. We experience direct social benefits too, since fellowship helps with emotional well being, combats depression and loneliness, and supports general mental health.

Make it funEvery-day routines can become boring over time, so don’t forget to have some fun. Listen to your favorite songs; consider taking part in one of the more dance-focused programs that improve cardio health. Treat yourself to gadgets, workout clothes or useful equipment like a stationary exercise machine when you reach a new milestone. Invite friends, family, children or co-workers along; they’ll lighten the mood.

Your daily routineWhether you join a gym, or simply exercise at home, give yourself a dedicated period of exercise. And if you find you’re still too busy to carve out time? Consider expanding routine activities that can bolster wellness: Park further away at the grocery store. Go faster — or stay out longer — when you’re walking the dog. Forget the cart and carry your bags, if you can.