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Dumbbells Double As Barbell Weights With New Home Fitness Product

SCARSDALE, NY, USA, January 20, 2022 / — The choice of dumbbells or barbells for the home gym just got easier. The new Dualbell system allows users to attach dumbbells to a bar for barbell exercises.  No weight plates are needed, saving space and money, while at the same time expanding exercise options.

Currently available on Kickstarter, Dualbell was developed by personal trainer/ wellness consultant Glenn Dickstein, his son Adam, and architect Roy Kushner.

“All you need are dumbbells, a bar and Dualbell,” says Dickstein. “The ability to alternate between dumbbell and barbell exercises at home, without having to buy and store another set of weights, removes an obstacle to exercise for a lot of people. Dualbell creates endless possibilities for enjoying a total body workout program that eschews muscle boredom and promotes better results.  If you can do it in the gym with weight plates, you can do it at home with the Dualbell.”

The simple-to-use design is further explained by Kushner. “It clamps around the handle of the dumbbell. Close it up, pick it up from the bottom and put it on the bar. The smooth rotation helps keep the dumbbell in place underneath the bar.”

According to Dickstein, the strong polycarbonate design will allow users to perform a variety of exercises with a light or heavy load. “When the full system is in use someone who owns a set of 5-50lb dumbbells, can now create a barbell weighing up to 200lbs, by combining a 50lb and 45lb dumbbell on each side of the bar, whereas before they could only hold 50lbs in each hand.  Or maybe they want to just add 5 or 10lbs. There’s a lot of versatility.”

“What if we could put our dumbbells on a bar?” That’s the question Adam posed during a COVID-lockdown workout.  The conversation was about exercise benefits and swung to how can we make fitness more affordable and available to more people. Dualbell became the answer. 

Standard weight collars will hold Dualbell on the bar.  Dualbell fits standard 1” diameter bars. Dumbbells with a handle length of at least 4.25”/108mm, and a maximum diameter of 1.38”/35mm, are compatible.

Dualbell will be available for purchase in two standard options.  As a single pair, one dumbbell can be attached on each side of the bar.  With a double pair, users can increase their load by attaching two dumbbells on each side of the bar. This option also includes a set of spacers to keep the dumbbells aligned and rotating together.  

Dumbbells and weight plates cost anywhere between $2-$3/pound.  That makes buying a set of weight plates cost anywhere from $450-$750.  Dualbell will retail for $39 for the pair and $75 for the two pairs and two spacer package.  Currently, a pledge on Kickstarter of $29 or $55, respectively, will allow buyers to secure early bird savings. 

About Dualbell

Founded in 2021, Dualbell is a collaboration between a father, his son, and an old college friend. Glenn Dickstein is also the Founder of, a personal trainer, distance runner and fitness industry veteran.  Adam Dickstein is a freshman in college who enjoys weightlifting, basketball and Clash Royale.  Roy Kushner is an architect, designer, and avid cyclist.  Dualbell was born out of a simple conversation between Glenn and his son Adam during a workout.  We set out to create a product that was simple to use, strong, durable and safe.  Dualbell is a tremendous product for anyone who strength trains as part of their exercise program. For more information or to purchase, please visit

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