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Gym-Goer Allegedly Threatened to Hit Woman With a Dumbbell

A woman claimed in a now-viral video that a man at the gym threatened to hit her with a dumbbell.

The video was posted to TikTok on Wednesday by Emily Telesca, who wrote: “Probably the most awkward conversation I’ve ever had.” It has since amassed more than 273,000 likes and over 31,000 likes with commenters encouraging Telesca to report the man to gym management.

The video opens with Telesca setting up her camera to record her workout.

“If I am in your way at all, let me know and I will totally move,” she said to the man standing next to her.

A woman claimed in a now-viral video that a man at the gym threatened to hit her with a dumbbell.

The man responds by asking her why she records her workouts, to which Telesca said: “For Instagram and TikTok.” According to the video’s text overlay, the man “rolled his eyes” at the explanation and eventually left.

In the next frame, Telesca is approached by a different man, who alleges the first man threatened to hit Telesca before he left the gym.

“He said, ‘Look at that conceited f***ing girl—I’m gonna go hit her with a dumbbell,'” the second man said.

“D**n,” Telesca said as the second man laughed. “That’s kind of mean.”

Throughout the remainder of the video, Telesca tried to “make light” of the situation by telling the man that she has “insecurities.”

One woman took to the post’s comments section to say that the interaction is a prime example of why she’s “terrified” to lift weights at the gym. Another said the video illustrates why she’s “nervous” to record her workouts.

As it turns out, these women may not be alone in their fears.

A survey from training experts Origym revealed that two in five women have avoided exercising at the gym altogether because “men make them feel uncomfortable.” Additionally, 45 percent of women reported going to the gym with a friend or a partner for the very same reason.

The survey also found that “six in 10 women have felt harassed in the gym by a man.” Top harassment behaviors reported were unwanted flirting, jeering and “not taking no for an answer” when it came to offering “help” or “advice.”

And of course, plenty of women have gone viral for their unpleasant gym interactions, including Chelsie Gleason, whose workout was interrupted by a man wanting to talk to her; Anna Archer, who confronted a man for getting too close to her; and a woman named “Smalls,” who told off a “creep” for trying to spot her weights without asking.

Commenters were quick to offer Telesca their support, and some encouraged her to show the video to gym management.

“I don’t understand why the friend felt the need to tell you what he said. Also, you don’t owe anyone an explanation of your insecurities,” wrote Ashlee.

“Girl! You’re doing great! you did nothing wrong here, you were more respectful than most people who record in the gym. Keep it up!” exclaimed Amber Thompson.

“Please show this to gym management. Not okay. He should not be allowed in there,” said Lola.

Melanie added: “Tell the managers. If he willingly says this in public who knows what he is capable of in private. Keep him accountable.”

Newsweek has reached out to Emily Telesca for comment.