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Jan Blachowicz’s Heavy-Duty Barbell Workout Will Force Your Muscles into Submission

UFC Light Heavyweight champion Jan Blachowicz isn’t known as a Polish powerhouse for nothing. The knockout artist is on a five-fight win streak, which he’ll be hoping to extend when he takes on Glover Teixeira this weekend.

Blachowicz’s strength is built on some serious gym sessions, which he shared with us for the latest video in our How I Build My Body series.

The workout begins with a superset of bench press and pull-ups. Blachowicz benches 10 reps before immediately moving on to 10 pull-ups and follows that up with a one-minute rest period. He does this for six sets. For the first set he benches with no weight on the bar, but adds weight as he moves through his sets. “Why do I do this? Because I wan’t to be stronger and faster,” says Blachowicz. “There’s no secret idea behind this. I just want to be stronger and faster.”

Blachowicz poses on the scales during the UFC 267 weigh-in at Yas Island, Abu Dhabi

Chris UngerGetty Images

Once he’s done with his opening superset, Blachowicz moves onto the standing military press. He adds more weight to the move with each set, so for set one he lifts 20kg ten times, for set two he shifts 40kg ten times, before lifting 50kg six times and finishes with two sets of 60kg lifted five times. Blachowicz also spends the minute between sets in a dynamic plank position or ‘swimming’ as his coach calls it. “It’s really hard,” he says, “harder than the exercise”.

Next Blachowicz does deadlifts, which he says he likes because it’s a whole-body exercise and he feels much stronger in his sparring sessions when he includes the exercise in his gym workouts. However, he’s careful not to lift too heavy, and deadlifts 100kg for six reps, with a one-minute plank in between sets.

Blachowicz finishes his workout with an overhead barbell carry, which he says is good for his balance. “You just do 10m walking forwards and 10m walking back,” he says. “It looks easy, but when you put a little more weight on it, it’s not easy.”

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