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Low-impact cardio workout ideas: Lose weight without the pain

If you find some of the most common forms of exercising hard, or intimidating, due to their high-impact nature, these low-impact cardio workout ideas are for you. Some of the most common forms of traditional exercise, such as boot-camp style classes involving jumps and burpees, or running on roads or a treadmill, can be hard on the joints. They also make things difficult for seniors, beginners, or those just coming back to fitness after an injury. 

Fortunately, there’s lots of ways to work out that don’t risk joint and muscle pain, are more forgiving to beginners, and focus more on getting technique right than applying loads of force. These gentler, low-impact workouts range from a brisk walk, ideal for seniors or overweight first-timers, to a demanding weights session which helps you build muscle around weak joints and bones. Low-impact exercise covers all levels of fitness across many different disciplines. You don’t have to worry about your unreliable knee any more (although, if you do, we have a guide for how to exercise without hurting your knees).  

Why choose to do a low-impact exercise?