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OxeFit Launches XS1; First At-Home Fitness System To Deliver Strength, Cardio, Balance and Immersive Interactive Fitness Training | National

DALLAS, Dec. 15, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Today, OxeFit, the leader in integrated fitness, unveiled its first at-home fitness system, the XS1 which now combines strength, cardio, balance and immersive interactive fitness training all in a single platform. Available for purchase starting today, the XS1 is the first direct-to-consumer product from OxeFit leveraging the AI-enabled technology that powers OxeFit’s popular XP1, the professional system used today by elite trainers, rehab facilities, professional athletes, and sports teams.

The XS1 brings together cardio and traditional strength training equipment in a single smart gym platform.While most in-home systems focus on either cardio or strength training, the XS1 offers users the flexibility to customize programs, choose between various workouts and receive coaching targeted at their specific fitness and overall health goals. Users will be able to select from four different system configurations – Flex, Flow, Form and Peak – each incorporating varied strength, cardio and balance components for next level personalization. Key features include:

  • Cardio: Choose between HydroFit (rowing, canoeing, kayaking, paddle boarding and SurfSwimming) or SkiCross, giving users a number of different cardio options that can be paired with complementary strength exercises.
  • Strength: OxeFit’s XS1 delivers an intense strength workout with the ability to squat, bench press, single arm/leg focus and more. The XS1’s capability to lift up to 250 pounds ensures you achieve an optimum workout that fits your current ability and supports continued efforts to achieve personal goals. With additional accessories (barbells, hand grips, ankle straps and waist harness), it’s easy to focus on specific areas allowing you to personalize your fitness journey.
  • Safety and injury-prevention: OxeFit’s force plate technology pinpoints weaknesses and identifies risks for potential injury real-time, while motion sensors and machine learning detects and tracks your movements to help achieve your best, safest performance.
  • Real-time feedback and coaching: The XS1 offers real-time feedback that will help users achieve the most efficient workout while post-workout analytics deliver a personalized, continuous guide for workouts on your fitness journey.

In April, OxeFit unveiled the XP1, its professional fitness system built for elite athletes and trainers, many of whom have benefitted from OxeFit’s XP1’s advanced science and technology and are investors, including Dallas Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott, Jalen Ramsey of the LA Rams, All-Star baseball player Matt Kemp, the San Antonio Spur’s Thaddeus Young, the NHL’s Tyler Seguin and professional rock climber Nick Sagar. The ability to track performance and deliver highly personalized analytics and advanced coaching, thus maximizing an athlete’s potential, has never been done. The XS1 now brings this same power and performance to the home.

“Having used OxeFit’s technology in my own training with the Dallas Cowboys, I can confirm the system has transformed the way I work out. I think the XS1 will be a game changer for people who want to get in the best shape of their lives,” said Dak Prescott. “The technology and science behind the OxeFit system is so much more advanced than anything else on the market and I am excited to see how users embrace the XS1 on their journey to a stronger, healthier future.”

“Since day one, OxeFit has been committed to revolutionizing the way athletes train, with science and technology that pushes the boundaries of what’s possible when you have the right data. Today, with the XS1, we take an incredibly exciting step in bringing our technology to consumers,” said OxeFit Co-founder and CEO Mohammed “Rab” Shanableh. “The XS1 is the only at-home fitness system that offers the same level of all-body, cross functional workouts as those available in professional training facilities, while leveraging robotics and artificial intelligence to deliver personalized insights and coaching that let you take control of your own personal journey to a stronger life.”

Full product specifications, package and pricing details are below. XS1 is available for purchase on with select payment options available. You can follow OxeFit on Instagram at @OxeFitinc, Facebook @Oxefit, and Twitter at @OxeFit.

About OxeFit

OxeFit is a first-of-its-kind strength training system, revolutionizing the world of connected fitness through advanced robotics and artificial intelligence. By harnessing data-driven workout programs, XP1 and XS1’s computer-controlled weight loads allow for variable resistance training while state-of-the-art technology captures data and monitors form to identify weaknesses and potential for injury. Included in the OxeFit ecosystem is a library of engaging content, which seeks to bring a new element of connectivity to the fitness community. OxeFit is headquartered in Plano, Texas. For more information, visit

XS1 Product Specifications


32 in. touchscreen


Shipping: 53″ Wide x 29″ Deep x 86″ Long

With Deck Folded: 45.5″ Wide x 21.5″ Deep x 78″ Tall

With Deck Unfolded (Workout Setup) : 45.5″ Wide x 80″ Deep x 78″ Tall


300 lbs.


Black with Black

Black with Silver

Gray with Rose Gold


Flex: Strength + SkiCross

  • Accessories : Multi-function Bench, Barbell, HandGrips, Ankle Straps, Waist Harness, SkiCross Handles, Smart Button

Flow: Flex + HydroFit (Row, Canoe, Kayak, Paddleboard, SurfSwim)

  • Accessories : Flex Accessories + Multi-Function Bar (Row, Pull-Down Exercises), Paddle (Canoe, Kayak, Paddleboard), SurfSwim Paddles

Form: Flex + Pilates

  • Accessories : Flex Accessories + Pilates Multi-Function Bench

Peak: Flex + Flow + Form

  • Accessories : Flex + Flow + Form Accessories (only one bench)




  • $5,999 for base package. Monthly financing is available via Affirm.


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