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The Barbell Jack Launches Online Store to Ship Mini Barbell Jacks and Portable Deadlift Jacks in Australia and US

Using traditional barbell jacks is incredibly hard as they hurt the fingers and cause pains in the back but with the barbell and deadlift jacks should at, hitting the gym and changing plates is a lot easier

Changing, loading, and offloading plates can be time-consuming and stressful. There are several risks associated with offloading plates from weights, and one can hurt their fingers or even damage the gym flooring. Going to the gym is hard work already; loading and offloading plates make it even harder. However, the portable barbell and deadlift jacks sold at will add a lot of ease to the fitness process.

“Whether you’re new to weight training or a seasoned pro, this barbell jack is the best gym buddy,” asserted a source from “It is a user-friendly deadlift barbell jack with a smart design for flawless deadlifts, powerlifts, Olympic lifts and hip thrusts. You can change weight plates in seconds and focus on nailing those reps with our Barbell jack.” is an online store that sells portable deadlift jacks that allows users to easily, quickly, and effortlessly lift weights from the floor onto a barbell. The barbell jack gives users one less reason to put off a workout, making workouts more effortless and more efficient by saving time and energy.

The barbell jacks by comes with an easy mini grip. It is light, compact, and has portable stability. It reduces the risk of gym injuries, includes a resistance band, and helps perform deadlifts, hip thrusts, and more without interruption or risk of muscle strain. Additionally, the Barbell Jack is safe, lightweight, compact yet built to last, ideal for home workouts and gym sessions alike. 

The fitness store accepts orders from men and women of all ages in Australia and the United States. Users can order for the Barbell jack and make payments via PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, AfterPay, ApplePay, FBpay, Amex, Google Pay, and more.

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About The Barbell Jack

The Barbell Jack ( is an Australian-based fitness and workout store which sells Barbell and deadlift jacks. Having worked with different focus groups of fitness enthusiasts, professionals, therapists, and doctors, The Barbell Jack project was born.

Created to eliminate the time-consuming nature of changing plates and prevent injuries that are likely to occur at the gym, the mini Barbell Jack by The Barbell Jack is the perfect gym body. The company accepts orders from the United States and every part of Australia.

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