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Too tired to hit the gym? 6 exercises you can do from your bed | Health

There are some lazy weekends or regular days when you just do not feel like jumping out of your bed to walk on treadmill or head for the gym. On such days, we tend to skip workouts only to feel pangs of guilt later on. But what if you decide to exercise in your bed and manage to stick to your fitness routine? (Also read: Restart your fitness journey with 5 easy workouts)

Studies suggest that mini workouts or short bursts of exercise can be also be quite effective and can keep you healthy. It is true that something is better than nothing. So, try moving your body from the comfort of your bed if you can’t hit the gym.

So, if you are not a morning person and yet do not want to lose out on the benefits of morning workout, here are some exercises suggested by Vijay Thakkar, Fitness Entrepreneur & Functional Medicine Coach, Founder of 48 Fitness that you can do from comfort of your bed.

1. Crunches

Crunches are without a doubt one of the favourite workouts of both men and women to build their core muscles as it mostly focuses on the belly area. Stay in your bed, bring your feet closer to the hips, and start lifting your upper body with your palms supporting your head. Feel the burn in your belly area and enjoy toned flat abs.

2. Bicycle

Bicycle is an awesome equipment-free workout with which you can target your obliques and abs. Just lay on your bed. Lift your leg at a 90-degree angle, and then bend your knees. Start cycling along with pushing your upper body in a criss-cross fashion, meaning when you bring your left knees closer, try touching it with your right elbows and vice versa.

3. Plank

If you think plank is a workout that majorly targets your core muscles, you are wrong. It is a full-body workout targeting your core, arms, lower body, chest as a whole. Ensure that your body is straight aligned with the ground while doing this in your bed.

4. Hip Bridge

Keep your shoulders firm and your feet just a few inches away from your butt. Rest both your arms aside and try pushing your hips upwards with the help of the heel. They target your glutes and help you get a toned leg and thighs.

5. Roll up

When you can’t wake up, just roll-up. Lying on your back, rest your arms straight above the head. Lift your whole upper body and try reaching the toes. It is a great upper body workout, strengthening your abs and lower back.

6. Stretches

If you are hitting your bed at night and can’t do intense workouts, then try some simple and effective stretches like reaching your toes with fingers, neck stretches, arm rotations, chest stretches, spinal twists, etc.