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Try these post-Diwali detox tips without having to hit the gym

Diwali is the festival of lights and love. It is a day when people visit their friends and family, exchange greetings and also have a lot of good food.

While it may be a tad different from your usual diet, Diwali binge-eating can cause some kind of food guilt and the need to hit the gym at the earliest, so as to burn all the calories. But Eshanka Wahi, a wellness advocate and nutrition coach, says it is not important.

Instead, she suggests some simpler ways to do a post-festive detox, and feel good about yourself once again. She shares recipes and some tips that will help you cleanse your body. Read on.

1. Coconut water with lemon and mint


– 1 coconut
– Mint leaves
– 1 tbsp honey
– 1 lemon


* Finely-chop coconut meat (white portion in coconut) and add it to coconut water.
* Add mint leaves, lemon Juice and honey.
* Pour the ingredients in a blender and mix.
* Serve.

2. Carrot and beetroot detox water


– 1 carrot, sliced
– 1 beetroot, sliced or cut in cubes
– Cinnamon, medium-size stick
– Lemon juice (optional)
– Dill sprigs or sowa (optional)
– Water


* In a bottle, put the sliced cinnamon stick, carrot and beetroot.
* Add water and mix lemon juice in it.
* Add dill sprigs and shake the bottle so all the ingredients get mixed.
* Let the water sit for an hour at room temperature before you enjoy your detox drink.

Detoxification means giving your body a refreshing start. So start your day with yoga. (Photo: Getty/Thinkstock)

Tips for detoxification

* A lot of water: Whether it’s for losing weight, skin dehydration, rejuvenation or anything else, drinking six glasses of water every day will help you remain fresh throughout the day.

* Consuming herbal tea: Choosing teas like lemon tea, cumin fennel water, ginger tea, cinnamon tea, etc., over your regular tea may help in detoxification. It also may help in digestion, controlling sugar levels and weight loss.

* Yoga and exercises: Detoxification means giving your body a refreshing start. So start your day with yoga. Doing breathing exercises and five surya namaskars every morning on an empty stomach can help your body with a fresh start.

* More veggies and fibrous foods: Intake of vegetables, especially cruciferous ones like spinach, kale, broccoli, sprouts, etc., must be increased.

* High-fibre foods: Such as beans, berries, avocado, whole grains, dry fruits, etc., are also helpful in detoxification; they may protect the liver and kidney as well.

* Eating habits: If a person follows a timely routine of eating and sleeping, their health will be in good state. Eat before sunset, or have your last meal of the day four hours before sleeping.

* Proper sleep: Good sleep allows the brain to invigorate and energise itself, as well as remove toxic wastes. It is important to get a total of 7 to 8 hours of sleep for adults.

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