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Watch never-before-seen cut inside gym where it was filmed

The iconic sports movie “Hoosiers,” the high school basketball story of an underdog overtaking a giant is coming to a theater near you — inside the Hoosier Gym in Knightstown where the movie was filmed.

But it will be a different version of the movie than has ever been seen before.

“We will be showing the movie the way (screenwriter and producer) Angelo Pizzo intended when he wrote the original script,” Robert Garner, events coordinator at the gym, told IndyStar. “The Hoosier Gym director’s cut.”

When the movie was released in 1986, many scenes were deleted from the original script for time restraints, Garner said.

The gym has been working to insert the deleted scenes where Pizzo intended them to be. 

“We just completed the work this week and it makes the movie even greater than the original,” Garner said. “This will be the first time the movie has ever been shown this way.” 

The showing will be one night only, Nov. 13, with 800 tickets available, selling for $5 each online.

Actor Gene Hackman as Coach Norman Dale, prepares to send players out onto the court in the 1986 movie, "Hoosiers," which was filmed in Indiana.

The showing is being dubbed by the gym as: “Hoosiers: Like You’ve Never Seen Before at the Hoosier Gym.” It will begin at 6 p.m. and last two hours and 46 minutes. The original move length is one hour and 55 minutes.

“Hoosiers” was filmed at the nearly 100-year-old gym in 1985, then called the Knightstown Gym. After the filming, the gym became known as The Hoosier Gym, Home of the Hickory Huskers.