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Woman Confronts ‘Creepy Old Guy’ For Staring At Her At Gym: VIDEO

What’s the best way to deal with creepy men staring at you as you’re working out at the gym?

Maybe, stare right back at them, and then confront them about their inappropriate behavior?

That’s just what Heidi Aragon did, and her encounter was also recorded and posted on her TikTok Page, @fit_with_heidi.

The video has gone on to achieve over seven million views.


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The video began with Heidi working out as a man in a green T-shirt made his way to the same area of the gym.

In a text overlay, accompanied by a voice-over narration, Heidi revealed to viewers this was not the first time that day she found herself working out in the same corner as this unidentified man.

“This creepy old guy at the gym kept coming over and staring at me.”

The man could, indeed, be seen conspicuously looking at Heidi in the next shot of the video, leading Heidi to ask her husband to work out next to her.

However, Heidi told viewers in the overlay the man continued to stare at her, even with her husband working out by her side.

And indeed, the man in the green shirt could clearly be seen continuing to stare at Heidi.

Finally having had enough, Heidi made a decision as to how to deal with this voyeur.

I decided to stop working out and stare back.”

Heidi was captured turning around, hands on her hips, and feet firmly on the ground, glaring in the direction of the man, no longer visible on camera, for several commanding seconds.

The video then cut to Heidi resuming her workout, where it was revealed the problem had not been entirely solved.

I thought he had got the picture, I attempted to do my set.”

“Then I got fed up and went over and addressed him.”

Heidi was then seen putting down her weights, her annoyed expression impossible to miss, as she walked off camera to confront the man who had been disrupting her work out.

While viewers were unable to see or hear what went down between Heidi and the man in the green shirt, Heidi let us know what transpired in the overlay.

“I told him if he’s gonna work out in this corner, he needs to stop staring and making me uncomfortable.”

“His response was: I’m just looking around.”

“I then told him I record my workouts and I have him on film.”

“He shut up real quick.”

Several of Heidi’s TikTok followers applauded her for putting her unwanted onlooker in his place.






Others condemned the behavior of the man in the green shirt, with some sharing their own uncomfortable gym experiences.






However, a number of comments did not take Heidi’s side in this situation.

Several defended the unidentified man and some went so far as to say Heidi brought the whole thing on herself by the way she dressed.






The sizable number of negative comments resulted in Heidi posting a follow up video to her TikTok page.


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The 14-second video began with Heidi fixing her hair, staring directly at the camera, with the overlay reading:

“To all the people who posted negative comments on my last video.”

Heidi then broke into a dance as the overlay text changed to:

“Thank you for blowing up my video, and giving me more followers and likes.”

It seems that all the trolls in the first video’s comment section seemed to miss what was more than apparent in the video.

Heidi always finds a way to come out victorious whenever people try to take her down.

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